This Simple Hairstyle Change Will Change Your Entire Face

Are you ready to revolutionize your appearance with a simple hairstyle change? Prepare to be amazed, as we reveal the power to change your hairline.

Yes, you heard right, something as small as changing the way you part your hair can have a profound impact on your entire face.

This article will guide you through different parting techniques suited to your unique face shape, so you get the perfect look. We’ll explore the classic middle part, soft side part, deep side part, and even the diagonal part.

Get ready to highlight your natural beauty and transform your face with this incredible hair hack.

The benefits of a new haircut

Changing your parting can have several benefits for your overall appearance and the health of your hair. By changing your part, you can freshen up your look, highlight your favorite features, and add depth and dimension to your hair.

It can also highlight your face shape, bringing out your features in the best possible way. So why not try ? Changing your part is a simple change that can make a big difference to your entire face.

The middle part at the bottom

To create a middle part, start by brushing your hair straight back and using a comb to create a clean, precise line down the middle of your scalp. This style is ideal for round faces, as it highlights the eyes or nose.

The ideal line is from the tip of the nose to the hairline. To enhance the look, dry your hair above your forehead and use clips to press the sides down, creating a curtain that adds depth.

Soft side parting

For a soft side part, start by finding the ideal spot above your brow bone. This hairstyle is perfect for square faces because it softens the temples and jawline.

To achieve this look, blow dry your heavier side towards the temple and create a finger curl on the other side. You will thus obtain a slight slope which will highlight the features of your face.

Try it and see how this simple hairstyle change changes your entire face.

A deep side parting

To achieve a deep side part, try blow-drying your hair with a round brush and attach a large Velcro roller to the heavier side, continuing to highlight your facial features.

The deep side part suits round or heart-shaped faces because it adds height and slims the face. The ideal location is at the end of the eyebrow.

Diagonal part

Create a diagonal part starting at your brow bone and crossing your hair on top of your crown. This hairstyle is perfect for square or heart-shaped faces as it adds softness and volume to your entire look.

The ideal position is just above the brow bone, creating a diagonal line that highlights your facial features.

For more versatility and originality, combine the diagonal part with waves for more body or pull your hair back into a ponytail.

Harness the power of diagonal parting and transform your entire face.